Planning a visit?

Here's what to expect.

At CCC you can expect:
  • That you will be welcome here.
  • A casual environment.
  • Worship experiences that last for about an hour and fifteen minutes.
  • Worship music and singing led by our worship band.
  • Inspiring, challenging and thought provoking teaching from the Bible.
  • That we will talk about Jesus.
  • Your kids (pre-school to 4th grade) to have an awesome experience at Stampede.
  • Your 5th & 6th grade kids will have an out-of-this-world time going deeper in the Bible at Deep Space 56.
On Sunday morning:
  • If you have children, please check (pre-school to 4th grade) into the Stampede area before the worship time begins. Check in will open 10 minutes before the morning worship time starts. The Stampede area is at the east end of the parking lot. 5th & 6th grade students  will be invited to go to their classes during the morning worship time.
  • Park anywhere you like and come on in, grab a bulletin and discover a place where you can belong.
  • After the service, grab a coffee and some goodies and get to know some new people.