Trailblazers Ministry

Who are we?  Adults 
Duration: On-going
Meets: We meet for fellowship, to enjoy a meal, support a featured ministry, and a variety of other activities. 
Our Three Fold Purpose:
  • To draw adults closer to God: (i.e. provide spiritual input and opportunities for learning according to the needs expressed by the group.  
  • To draw closer to one another (i.e. provide opportunities for fun, fellowship and building friendships)
  • To help adults serve one another, the community and the world (i.e. provide opportunities for adults to give, or receive, serve, assistance and encouragement, as well as engage in outreach in the community and the world, as needs become evident)
We invite you to join the Trailblazers here at CCC in this special ministry. 
Remember: Trailblazers are good for your all around good health…mind, body and soul! Give us a try and see!  For more information, contact anyone on our Leadership Team:
Gene Michaels, coordinator 805-666-2270
Pat Michaels 805-636-4638
Gert Walter 805-683-6380
Margie Walter 805-683-6380
Bev Bostock 805-685-1385
John Bostock 805-451-5678 805-685-1385
Frances Reighley
Michael Reighley
Marti Vandeman 805-968-1143 805-570-9185
Gary Vandeman 805-968-1143
Jane Eller 805-729-3080 805-729-2887
Les Eller 805-729-3080 805-729-2887
Paul Eggli 805-708-5363 805-687-6291
Norma Baldwin 805-683-5610
For more information contact:
Gene Michaels, Coordinator of the Trailblazers Ministry