Elderberries Ministry

Who are we?  Adults 50+
Duration: On-going
Meets: We meet every other month for fellowship, to enjoy a meal, support a featured ministry, along with a variety of other activities. Also starting in 2014 during alternate months when there is no dinner event: “The Elderberries Forum” featuring guest speakers on topics of interest to older adults.
Our Three Fold Purpose:
  • To draw seniors closer to God: (i.e. provide spiritual input and opportunities for learning according to the needs expressed by the group.  
  • To draw closer to one another (i.e. provide opportunities for fun, fellowship and building friendships)
  • The help seniors serve one another, the community and the world (i.e. provide opportunities for seniors to give, or receive, serve, assistance and encouragement, as well as engage in outreach in the community and the world, as needs become evident)
Some people wonder how we got the name “Elderberries”…… sounds kind of silly, probably just some old dried up plant. Well don’t be misled by our name. Elderberries (a) have been used and recognized for centuries as beneficial to your health, the “medicine chest of the common man”, producing antiviral, antibiotic properties and being an antioxidant substance. The berries contain more Vitamin C than any other herb but rosehips and black currant.  They are also said to, (b) among other things improve memory function and to help with the overall aging process. This all quoted from an article in the SB News Press August 23, 2007, and several other sources.  So you can see being one of us, is good for your health!
If you are 50 years or older we invite you to join the Elderberries here at CCC in this special ministry. (Some folks in their 50’s and even 60’s, don’t feel they are quite ready for the Elderberries, and that’s okay. Whenever you’re ready, we would love to have you join us, whatever your age.)
Remember: Elderberries are good for your all round good health…mind, body and soul! Give us a try and see!  For more information, contact anyone on our Advisory Committee:
John & Miriam Notehelfer—563-8317, johnnotehelfer@gmail.com and/or mnotehelfer@gmail.com

Walter & Elgie Zeni—967-8602, wezeni@cox.net
Walt & Dorine Paullin—967-8412, dorinemp@yahoo.com
Marcy Rodgers—964-5175, marcy1948@cox.net
Marilyn Porter—687-7907, tadmarilyn@verizon.net

For more information contact:
John Notehelfer, Interim Coordinator of the Elderberries Ministry