Stampede is our Sunday morning children’s program. Hold on to your hats though, this is not an ordinary Sunday morning program. 

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Our objective is simple: 
Leading KIDS to believe and live as followers of Jesus.
Matthew, Mark and Luke all tell us about Jesus’ interaction with children. Jesus tells his disciples that children should not be hindered from coming to him because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them.  So here at Community Covenant Church we work hard to remove all fences that “stop” or “hinder” our children from stampeding towards God. We start by saddling up and learning a whole new language: Kid. Kid language has two main stampede inducing cattle prods: Community and Joy. 
Kids speak friendship. Think back on your own experience as a kid. What made you look forward to the things you did? Things like school, sports, service and even vacation. In all those experiences there is more than likely a clear memory of a special person you shared this experience with. Kids are created for community.  If our kids can come to church and make a friend then everything they do at church will be that much more meaningful and special.
Kids speak joy. Learning about God can be fun. In fact it should be fun. Especially for a one-hour Sunday morning children’s program. What would our kid’s life look like if the best part of their week was Sunday morning? What if they knew that every Sunday morning was a time to enjoy, feel safe, be creative, play, and worship? How would that influence their attitude towards God as adults? Towards Jesus? Towards the church? So in everything we do here be that games, crafts, Bible stories, or small group time we seek to infuse the experience with joy. A massive amount of joy. 
Each age group has a special focus geared towards its own unique process.
Tumbleweeds (Nursery) 
God Loves Us 
Buckaroos (Pre K) 
God Made Us Special 
Wranglers (K through 4th)
 God Has a Special Plan for Us 
Space Rangers (5th and 6th)
God Has a Special Book for Us 
(FOR MORE on 5th and 6th head on over to Deep Space 56)
Rest assured. We put the Bible at the heart of everything we do.  We seek to push kids to a daily walk with Jesus. We help kids develop their relationship with Jesus in community. We encourage our kids to live their relationship outwardly.  Kid followers of Jesus that are Biblical, Devotional, Connectional and Missional. 
We just do it in another language. We speak Kid.

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For more information contact:
Andrew Mark, Director of Children's Ministries
Phone:(805) 967-2671 ext.104