Friday Night Round Up. 
If parental exhaustion is a weed then Friday Night Round Up is the killer solution.

This children’s event is focused on love. Love for Goleta. Love for Santa Barbara.  

All this talk of love... Is that all you need? 
We show love to families and parents by opening up our children’s area the First Friday evening of every month. No matter your religious affiliation, beliefs, marital status or even favorite sandwich shop your children 3 years old (and completely potty trained) through 6th grade are welcome to spend an evening with us playing games, eating snacks, watching movies, making friends and encountering joy. 

What do parents do during that time? 
It’s up to you. It’s Friday evening after all. Go to the movies. Visit your favorite restaurant. Go surfing. Get some much needed shopping done. Visit with an old friend. Take a nap. Shoot...we can even recommend a killer sandwich shop if you’re itching for ideas. 

Why would you do this crazy thing?    
Because a good night off means happy parents. Happy parents means happy kids. Happy kids means healthy families. Here at Community Covenant Church we want to encourage healthy families. We do this because we love you and we want to show you in a meaningful way. 

How much does this childcare service cost? 
Nothing at all. 

If this is a free service then who exactly is going to be watching my kids? 
At Community Covenant Church we take our children seriously. Any event that we have has a strict code of conduct for all adult helpers and youth helpers. We personally interview and legally screen all volunteers. We make sure to have a safe volunteer-child ratio. We work hard to ensure all kids are part of an excellent and safe program. 

When is this again?
The First Friday of September, October, November, December, February, March, April, May, and June. 
We do not offer Friday Night Round Up in January, July, and August.

6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Can I Register my kids online for a quicker drop-off? 
Yes! For a better experience Register online before you arrive. 
You only need to do this one time.
If you don't pre-register you will have to fill out form, after form, after form, after form. 
Click HERE to register online. 

Can my kids bring friends?
YES! We certainly encourage your kids to bring friends. However, we must have a Registration form on file in order for your kid's friends to participate. No exceptions. The Registrations help us get a hold of parents in the event of an emergency and they also serve as Waivers. Please don't make your kids cry. Make sure their friend's parents or guardians Register On-line before you arrive if they want to send their kids with you. 

Medical Alerts
We have a volunteer nurse who keeps tabs on children who have special medical needs. After the normal check in process you and your child will be directed to the First Aid Station where our nurse will take any emergency equipment you might have (epi-pens, insulin packs, etc.). Please make sure and clearly label medication and equipment. She will then put a special wristband on your child for quick reference. Our nurse is prepared to help administer breathing inhalers, epi pens, and supervise blood glucose tests and insulin administration. She will NOT, however, give insulin injections herself. We recommend stopping by for a wristband if your child has food allergies and is not able to steer clear of no-no foods on their own. 

For more information contact:
Andrew Mark, Director of Children's Ministries
Phone:(805) 967-2671 ext.104