Eric Sorenson, Lead Pastor
work: 967-2671 x103
Email: pastoreric (at)
Childhood: I come from Midwestern stock, but was born in Berkeley and raised in nearby Piedmont. Since my wife's family are ranchers, and we lived on the family ranch for a long time, I'm not sure if I like the ranching life or the city life I grew up in better. Santa Barbara actually makes for a nice via media.
Favorite TV show/music: Actually, for most of our married life, we haven't had TV reception, so I'm not really in the loop. Someone recommended "Downton Abbey," which we picked up on Netflix, and really enjoyed. As to music, I'm all over the place. Love classical (favor Hayden), love U2, the Beatles, and some classic rock from my era, but it's not uncommon to find me listening to opera or Louis Armstrong, either.
When I'm not at church I might be found helping kids with homework, going to a volleyball tournament, running, fiddling around in the garden, or reading history.