Emma Patterson, Worship Ministry Director
work: 967-2671x113
Email: emma@comcov.org

I was born and raised in beautiful Santa Barbara by my wonderful parents and big brother. I moved to Ohio to go to college at Cedarville University to study music and worship. I spent most of my college years working as a traveling worship leader where I toured with university bands and led worship all over the midwest. I grew to really appreciate the community, love, and trust that develops with a tight knit band and how God truly fills us with joy when we serve people during our ministry. I took a short break from my Ohio life to live in Seoul, South Korea where I studied Korean language and politics. Random? Yes. 100% worth it? Absolutely. 


I love to travel and meet people from all over the world, but when you grow up in paradise, it's hard to stay away for too long. So when I graduated from Cedarville in 2015 I moved back to Santa Barbara to work as a music teacher. I am currently the music teacher at Foothill Elementary School and a private singing, piano, and guitar teacher along with my worship directing responsibilities at Community Covenant. I view worshipping God as a choice we make everyday to turn our desires towards Him. Since I am passionate about music and art and its ability to communicate how we feel in our hearts, I am eager to encourage others in worshipping God through music and other artistic expression. 


Outside of my passion for music and teaching, I love painting, running around outside, trying new foods, and insisting on petting every dog and cat I run into.