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Jacob transitioning on meds
posted by: McNulty Family on 1/28/2019

We would greatly appreciate prayers for Jacob to stabilize on his new medication regime. He has had two seizures recently which have been a huge setback for him - academically, socially, and physically. We pray for the neurologist to treat Jacob's seizures with wisdom.
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posted by: Anonymous on 1/26/2019

Forgiveness. Praises. I’m so confused right now in regards to a situation with a significant other, how I should respond, what his intentions were, what I should or shouldn’t say, what it means and why I need to be thrown these curveballs whenever beauty is being nurtured and is bolssoming. I don’t understand why these pitfalls follow so many growth periods and why the growth and wisdom I’ve experienced and utilized seems to crash down in chaos though I prayerfully attend to these things constantly. Sometimes I feel as if God has set me for bumpy roads and sometimes I feel as if I can’t shake an enemy coming back to attack me every time I’m about to make a break through. I have seen divine presence, growth, answers to prayer and feel as if God is letting me know He is holding me and guiding me through. Then the next day sabotage happens and I wonder if I can ever escape the enemy, even as my heart grows closer to God and His ways, the enemy wants to spite me and laugh in my face even though I hate him. Remove this curse hovering over progression, joy, stability and love. Bring him and I closer together than ever before. Build our love, trust, communication, passion for one another, understanding, skill in loving one another, skill in pursuing one another, our intent and openness, skill in communication and desire to push and make the relationship we share deepen and flourish. Help us to grow past these bumps in and road and mistakes l. Grow our maturity, maturity in the love we share, stability and emotional stability. Be with us, together and as individuals. Give us mental and emotional clarity. Help us to constructively discuss and share our thoughts and feelings in this situation. Help us to uplift af inspire one another despite disagreement. Open his heart to my perspective and help me to understand and know how to work with his. Grow our foundation and love to persevere and last through to a fruitful marriage together. Help us grow together and as individuals past the things that have plagued us by bring us down or coming between us. Bless and keep us strong. Give us wisdom. Keep us above all negativity, attacks, distractions and ill intent. Put a shield of protection around us. I separately uplift my family, their health, prosperity and wisdom. Help us understand and respect one another’s differences and love one another despite them. Be with us all individually in every way we need. Let us feel Your presence. Unspoken. I uplift an individual and her sphere of influence. Grow her heart and mind past the false teachings she is spreading and using in her life. I uplift a number of friends and their individual situations. I pray for promotion at work. I pray for peace from an individual who had hurt me and triggered a large amount of harm in my life. Heal him, let him find happiness and stay away from me and my happiness. I uplift a marriage. Bless, heal, protect and prosper them. Build them to be a positive example. Heal all those negatively affected and influence. Unspoken.
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Connie Coleman
posted by: jean johnson on 1/18/2019

Please pray for Connie Coleman who has had a massive stroke and is in Cottage Hospital for God’s Grace and healing power for her. Pray also for her kids: Sandra, Christine and Roy and their children and spouses.
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posted by: Ann on 1/6/2019

Pass state math test end of January Divine healing regarding fathers death in Nov from suicide Divine healing from life time of pain from fathers choices Divine peace and joy that passes understanding
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Healing For My Son
posted by: Philip Mathew on 12/27/2018

Dear Lord Jesus My son has a congenital nerve malformation in his brain. The Neurosurgeon will be carrying out a brain embolization on the 1st week of Jan 19. Please be with the doctors and his team guiding them during the procedure so that all will be well with my son. If you will Lord, please heal my son so that there is no need for embolization Philip
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posted by: Henry Shaner on 12/27/2018

I'm a single father and have a court date for repossessed car. Pray they don't take everything so can support my family. Also that my current car keeps running. Basically have financial trouble.
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posted by: hrvoje ljubičić on 12/17/2018

Thank you for your prayers. My son was born 2 weeks ago in Saturday . Thank you from bottom of my heart. God bless you and gave in return thousands of blessings in Jesus name. Thank my You Lord Jesus . My dearest friend my All in All. Please continue praying for little baby Noel and for his happy and blesses childhood.And that we are the best mum snd dad ever possible.Please pray for his health and for all his needs and for his protection. And for his mum Snježana me and all of my family and foe all of our needs and for our protection and that we are faitfull to God and to each other And that God protect us from all evil. Thank you all.
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Dennis travel to South Africa/staff to know Jesus
posted by: Jean Johnson for Dennis Wadley on 10/31/2018

Pray for me (Dennis) as I travel to South Africa to meet with our staff, attend the year-end Trustee Meeting and assist with various issues. Please pray for smooth travel and free upgrades :) Pray for all the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) caregivers to receive Jesus Christ as their savior, because many of them are making things difficult for their children after they accept Christ
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posted by: Albin Siby on 9/18/2018

I'm addicted to sexual sins,getting angry , pride, unbelief, hypocrisy, laziness, lack of sincereity towards God, and lack of repentance ,etc., that I've been committing for long time. I'm bound in chains of darkness and addicted to sins. Apart from this, the enemy also tries to attack my hope and faith in God. He even tries and even success in making me angry against God or thinking I'll of him. I need deliverence and salvation. Please pray to  Lord Jesus, for my SALVATION. Please pray to him to let me truly surrender All of myself to him ONLY completely and forever and To let me trust in him alone and To Save me, for the Lord JESUS to do HIS will completely upon me ,and to baptize and anoint me with the HOLY SPIRIT and let me have eternal life. And also for me to have a strong faith and for God to use me for his purposes. Please pray to HIM to completely cleanse me of all my pride and self righteousness and all my sins and hidden Sins. And that I may be rapture ready.
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i need god to bless me with housing
posted by: shereese clark on 9/16/2018

i need god to bless me with housing
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