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posted by: Henry Shaner on 12/27/2018

I'm a single father and have a court date for repossessed car. Pray they don't take everything so can support my family. Also that my current car keeps running. Basically have financial trouble.
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posted by: hrvoje ljubičić on 12/17/2018

Thank you for your prayers. My son was born 2 weeks ago in Saturday . Thank you from bottom of my heart. God bless you and gave in return thousands of blessings in Jesus name. Thank my You Lord Jesus . My dearest friend my All in All. Please continue praying for little baby Noel and for his happy and blesses childhood.And that we are the best mum snd dad ever possible.Please pray for his health and for all his needs and for his protection. And for his mum Snježana me and all of my family and foe all of our needs and for our protection and that we are faitfull to God and to each other And that God protect us from all evil. Thank you all.
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Dennis travel to South Africa/staff to know Jesus
posted by: Jean Johnson for Dennis Wadley on 10/31/2018

Pray for me (Dennis) as I travel to South Africa to meet with our staff, attend the year-end Trustee Meeting and assist with various issues. Please pray for smooth travel and free upgrades :) Pray for all the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) caregivers to receive Jesus Christ as their savior, because many of them are making things difficult for their children after they accept Christ
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posted by: Albin Siby on 9/18/2018

I'm addicted to sexual sins,getting angry , pride, unbelief, hypocrisy, laziness, lack of sincereity towards God, and lack of repentance ,etc., that I've been committing for long time. I'm bound in chains of darkness and addicted to sins. Apart from this, the enemy also tries to attack my hope and faith in God. He even tries and even success in making me angry against God or thinking I'll of him. I need deliverence and salvation. Please pray to  Lord Jesus, for my SALVATION. Please pray to him to let me truly surrender All of myself to him ONLY completely and forever and To let me trust in him alone and To Save me, for the Lord JESUS to do HIS will completely upon me ,and to baptize and anoint me with the HOLY SPIRIT and let me have eternal life. And also for me to have a strong faith and for God to use me for his purposes. Please pray to HIM to completely cleanse me of all my pride and self righteousness and all my sins and hidden Sins. And that I may be rapture ready.
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i need god to bless me with housing
posted by: shereese clark on 9/16/2018

i need god to bless me with housing
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i need money to move
posted by: shereese clark on 9/4/2018

i need 4000 dollars to move to my new home
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prayer request
posted by: li cross on 8/31/2018

Not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel.
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Kindly pray for my Job change, debts to be cleared, parents health
posted by: Anand Kumar on 8/31/2018

Kindly pray for my Job change, debts to be cleared, parents health i have a job but due expenses incurred towards medical bills of parents and kids school fee, debts have increased, i am trying hard to Job change so that i can clear debts. ( inspite of all the issues, i am paying my tithe to my Church regularly). regards G. Anand Kumar +919743756969
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posted by: Magda Lovejoy on 8/28/2018

Can you pray that Cody Denunzio be saved in his soul and have spiritual gifts and powers to defeat the enemy and for me as well, so I am healed in my brain injury and not go blind? Pray for Robert Hahns mind to be okay.
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marriage/family rescue/restoration and reunification
posted by: Ron and Rachael COx on 8/26/2018

Please pray for our marriage/family to receive God\'s breakthrough to remove all barriers keeping us divided and attacking each other. Pray for unity and restoration of our love, bond, intimacy, trust, healing, joy, peace, hope and life together. Pray the divisive voices internally and externally are silenced. Remove the people who are feeding the division and defeat and remove the enemy in the spiritual realm that is hindering our breakthrough. Help us to see and hear as Jesus does. Cover us and our children with the blood of the Lamb of God. Help us forgive, show mercy, extend grace, and know love covers a multitude of sin. Help us to keep our marriage vows/covenant and not forsake it. Protect our girls and us and let them see the restorative love of God in our family and marriage. Remove the lies, bitterness, fear, paranoia, anger, malice, pride and heal the wounds. Remove the barriers between us and help us to communicate in love, humility, grace, truth and love. Teach us to forgive self and each other. Break the generational and word curses. Remove the strangers from our marriage/family and life.Remove the barriers and help Rachael and Ron to communicate and heal and bless their baby girls Amelia and Elizabeth. Give us guidance and correction to be reconciled to each other and God. Evil spirits have to go and all curses.
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